Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A virus eating virus?

Do you ever feel like you just have to ask the right person and your path takes a great turn and you are off and running? This happened to me today.   I have been working on a virus series for a while now.  Conceptually it is unfolding, and has to do with being in Oakland, Memes, contagion, and community.  I lot of things to stuff into a body of work and maybe why it is taking so long to work out.  On a whim I texted an old grade school friend for ideas and this lead me to virophages.  Basically these are viruses that live off of other viruses. How cool is that?  So many possibilities and directions I can hardly contain myself.  Also today my neighbor the graffiti artist came by and said he will help me with the writing on these pieces. I have been waiting three months for him to get back into town.  A good day all around! Here is the article if you are interested.  A big thanks to Michelle.

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