Monday, August 22, 2011

Workshop results

I just finished a 4 week intensive with Scott Jennings.  It was so fun to be a student!  I love his work and think I can incorporate his techniques into my own style.  The glaze colors match the shirt I am wearing right now.  Too funny.


  1. Oh, so jealous. I miss Scott! and your pieces are wonderful. Isn't it funny how when you take a workshop like that, your work really looks like this combo of your own style and the teacher's? Love that plate in the middle.

  2. SSSSCCCOOOTTT! I loved his super great workshop at Ruby's! how fun to take a 4 week class. His work is really beautiful! looks great! love that blue...

  3. Thanks ladies. The flower plate template took forever to make but I do think it is cute. Scott is fun and his glazes are soooo yummy. I love the orange too.


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